Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hate to Love

"I believe that there is no such thing as Hate, only Love. I believe that "hate" is really just the inward and unconscious suppression of love. For instance, subconsciously, I believe that racists don't actually "hate" other races. I feel that the outward "hatred" is really just a reflection of an inward conflict. This conflict occurs when the societal or psychological factors tell a person they should feel disdain towards something, but their inward emotions are actually that of love."

Do y'all agree wit this?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birth of Love: Downlow

Ayo! big ups to my man LoVel James dropping his first video off his mixtape The Birth Of Love Downlow. Love the video makes me want a shawty on the low too! Please check out the video and support the star on the rise.

Monday, August 23, 2010


My Jets fans will love this. Oh & peep Rex Ryan's shoes. If you watched Hard Knocks you know how he gets down.'s YEEZY

I think that's a sick pick of Ye


I think I got her portions right

Guess who

Can someone guess who this dude is? LOL


Last week there was a ridiculous catch made by some dude from Japan but this one takes the cake. This dude is standing on top of the wall waiting for the ball to rob it of a home run....Spiderman has arrived in Japan lol 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cole World Strikes Again

On the streets of dreams: NYC
The best music is the music you can feel. The shit you can relate too is always the best. J Cole keeps dropping these songs for the people. Each verse is for a different person and his new joint "It Won't Be Long" shows that. Another song off an album I think will be a classic...fuck your opinion. Download the joint here on Notoriety Being A Nobody . Shouts to my man B-Dot for keeping the hot joints flowing! follow him on twitter @badskinwavyhair 

Fly School!

I am a huge fan of Chris Douglas-Roberts, guard from the Milwaukee Bucks. I got to interview him last year at St. Johns when the Nets played the 76ers in their pre-season game at Carnasecca. He was so chilled and laid back. I started following him on twitter and he is the only player I know that will actually reply to your tweets..HE IS THE MAN! and last night he did something even cooler .. he commented on my Facebook status... if you aren't following the CEO of Flyschool @cdouglasroberts your missing out "yes yes!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mets fans this is for you

As a big Met fan this hat was much needed for the blog .. shouts to my Mets fans. We are struggling but surviving .. I think

For My Hip Hop Heads ..

Shout to Brian Wood t-shirt on the right: Count Gangstula
I believe my Hip Hop Heads will respect this picture...

T.G.I.F --> Thank God I'm Fresh

Fuck FF on Twitter: I'ma make a whole blog post on this shit ... BECAUSE I CAN

Brothers - @Dante_Inc , @DBerov, @Dan_MartinWSJU , @FrankieQ25

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


My bro Dante ( @Dante_Inc) just threw this up from World Star Hip Hop ... I think I pissed myself haha 50 went in on this dude via phone, on some Mel Gibson shit. Thanks big bro. Y'all Check it out....


Stunna Shades on!

So my bro Dan Martin (@Dan_MartinWSJU) hit me up tonight with a little freestyle via BBM. It was pretty solid so I thought I'd share it with you guys. He may not be to happy about it though but hey...I never gave a fuck; why should I now *Joe Budden Voice*

"I got all the ladies goin nuts, goin cashew; All about my big checks, at the bank to cash you; Don't let me catch you; Runnin up against my crew; Or imma have you; Gone and buried next to; The same dude; That was out talkin shit witchoo"
                                                                                                                                                                  - Dan Martin

Drake should watch out. Dan's coming for his spot.

Madden 11

So after playing Madden 11 for the first time tonight I have to say it had some cool features. I liked the "Game Time Flow" which allowed you to just continue with your offense instead of going back to the play book. It was like "Ask Madden" without the whole extra work. Liked the graphics. Made a sick catch with Holmes in the end zone.. he dragged his feet and all. It was dope. Still gotta check out the Superstar Mode so I'll get back to you on that but definitely see the improvements in this Madden.



New J Cole came out today. I'm a SUPER fan of his. He came up; warmed up; now he's going to BLOW UP. Check out his new song Blow Up <---(click on the link) shouts to Notoriety Being A NOBODY for the song! I can't wait for his album to drop. I have a feeling he's going to make more believers with the album. It's a Cole World; No blanket son!

Joe Budden attire

Joey just let off some new shit from his Joe Budden Big Cartel stuff. Saw this shirt. I definitely will cop one. You should too. Just go here ---> JBBC


An Artist At Work....

He reps hard for TeamCMC
I fuck with Penguins so I drew one up .. a couple months ago but it's still dope. That Jesus piece definitely got Kanye jealous...


Meet: Liane

Yesterday I posted up about two female bloggers and one was Pooda... I said I didn't know her name and asked for no one to tell her. Someone did though smh lol and now we have confirmation on her name "@iPooda: @PabloCaspCobar its Liane! lol" ... so everyone make sure you check out LIANE aka @iPooda's blog The "L" Word Chronicles (link located to the left of this post)


Best Plane Ride Ever ...

Shouts to Shannon (@shannnnOn) for this video. I think I would be in heaven if this was my plane ride. I used to be on Lufthansa all the time cause i'd be going to Germany. Wish this happened while I was on a flight!

And the numbers are in...

Big ups to my dude Dan Martin (@Dan_MartinWSJU) for the link to this picture. This sums up the fans likings of Hard Knocks last night. As you can see Rex Ryan got a category of his own. He needs a twitter. Click HARD KNOCKS to see the rest of the notes from last nights episode.

Simply amazing....

Shout out to this fan right here. Water bottle to Justin Bieber's head. LOL

When the season is going bad; just beat your dad!

Lord, can I catch a break?
Not only is K-Rod and the Mets season going terribly wrong but last night after a loss to the Rockies K-Rod decided to go ape shit on his dad in law which led to his arrest; maybe he can close better in a jail cell? Who knows who cares. This team has been sorry for to long now for me to care to much. Fire Jerry; Fire Omar; Fire the Wilpons, even if they are the owners...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Astros Fan Bails On Girlfriend

Saw this and LOL'd ... this dude is yellow. How he going to let that ball hit his girl. smh! hahahaha still funny though.

I GO TO HIP HOP HIGH .. Nuh actually St. Johns

East Coast Born .. Cali breaded check out ECHO (@ECHOisthename) video for Hip Hop High. Will be doing an interview with him as well this year...check for that!

Can I Live Mixtape Vol 1 - Steel

Lets get something clear right now. I have a thing for listening to up and coming artist that don't have labels but have a passion for the game of hip hop. Last night I downloaded this dude Steel's (@Steel910) mixtape Can I Live and started to bump it this morning. His first track on it is called 300 ( beat is from the movie 300. If you haven't seen it I advise you do.). In the movie King Leonidas yell's "THIS IS SPARTA" as he kicks a Persian into a well. Steel starts off the song with "THIS IS HIP HOP" .. I thought that was needed. If you were going to use the beat from the movie you gotta use one of the best lines from it. Through the whole mixtape the big homie did his thing. Download this mixtape Can I Live and bump to it. Show the dude some love. He's got skill people.


Hard Knocks: Week1 Jets

Love this man....

First 10 seconds into the show and guess what Rex Ryan said..... FUCK. I believe in the first 10 minutes of the show he said FUCK about 50 times but don't quote me on that estimate. Overall good showing from the start. Tons of humor from the team. As a Jets fan it's good to see the team off the field and not just on game day. You see the leaders on the team and you see the fun the players have with each other & it's always great to watch Rex. I don't think I could ever have a boring conversation with that man. Jets need Revis to sign though already. If he signs get me a dotted line that says I'm signing them up for the Super Bowl and I'll sign it in a heartbeat. Call me a homer but it's just the way it's got to be.......


Female Bloggers

Got to definitely give it up to these two bloggers. From the DMV & Boston to the NYC. Shout out Dhajja (@laBOBBYdoll) & Pooda (@iPooda) (I think that's her name...don't tell her I don't know it). A womans opinion is always good to have. So check 'em out The Hiatus  & The "L" Word Chronicles  Read up and follow the young ladies.


Novembers Children

A couple of months ago I did an interview with my dudes Joshua Peters aka Lucky Peters and Bo Zone. They are the CEO's of Novembers Children  a blog site to all things music related. Chilled dudes with a lot of knowledge to the music game. Doing big things for themselves. Definitely going to hook up again this semester and do another interview. Expect that in September sometime. For now follow them @Lucky_Peters & @BOizReaL and support their site and remember people "Novembers Children is not a blog ... it's a lifestyle"


Kanye West

Jesus walked on water; Kanye walks on fire
Kanye West has been gone for almost a year but coming back with a bang. Listened to his new song with Beyonce & Charlie Wilson "See Me Now". Glad to see Kanye rapping again. 808&Heartbreak was a nice change for a minute but I feel Kanye is going back to his College Dropout format once again. Check out the song for yourself if you don't believe me. "See Me Now" Shout out to the homie B-Dot ( @badskinwavyhair ). Follow him and check his blog out Notoriety Being A NOBODY  He's always got what you need. BEELEE DAT *Game Voice*



What's up guys. My dude Mike Naclario is messing around with his own clothing label. Too Fresh Clothing is up and coming. Love the idea's and concepts of what I've seen so far. Check out the website 2FreshClothing  and follow the designer Mike Naclario on twitter @mikenac33. Show support. Buy a shirt.