Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Painful Loss

To a non-athletic person such as myself who prides on the knowledge of sports more then the physical ability to perform the sports things like Fantasy Football, are one of the biggest pleasures to have in the sporting world so when you (in this case, I) lose in the Championship game by 1 point you (or in this case again I) start to feel how the Patriots felt in 2007 when they lost perfection and the Super Bowl in the same game or how the Giants felt just two weeks ago when they allowed 28 points in less then 8 minutes which pretty much kicked them out of the playoffs. Right now I feel utterly disgusted by my choices on who I played today but will gear up and return next year with the mindset to do it all over again. Finishing the season 12-3 and winning 150$ isn't all to bad, right?

I would like to shout out my opponent who not handed me only one loss this season but the only three I would suffer this season, Josh Clarke ( @JoshieBugg ). Bravo to him for winning the league. 

Also shout out to everyone who was apart of the league  @ @ (The commish!!) @ @ @ @  @. One hell of a season. Next year will be just as great as long as, J Mike said, "No dumb draft picks and being late" LOL. (Ayo J Mike, how did McNabb do for you? lol jk)

Kibbles&Vick will be back next year with vengeance! hahaha